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Here at Still Sound, we provide access to two state-of-the-art professional studios, for all your recording needs.

Whether it is a podcast, single instrument, voiceover, vocals, band or more we have the gear, professionalism, service and experience to get you not only a great sound but one that stands the test of time!


HAL5 Studio

HAL5 is a Professional Studio focused on grade A quality sound and working as efficiently as possible during the recording process.

Combining modern workflows and equipment with professional standard brands of analogue gear we get the sound that you want for your production!

Specialized for Recording Bands, Vocal Production, Mastering, Mixing, and Music Production.

Still Sound - Studio

Our smaller Studio focused on working fast and efficiently in the box when it comes to music production and mixing music!


Fully dedicated to professional standard with the usage of Industry standard software; iZotope, Waves, Plugin Alliance, Universal Audio and more!


Here at the Still Sound Studio, you can get your music finished and record your vocals professionally if required.

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