Feels like your music or audio production is taking forever to finish? Went through what seems like dozens of revisions to get that sound and balance you are looking for? Every change you make ends up causing more problems than solutions?

Then contact us and tell us about your vision and your problems, we are always open for a professional consultancy and want the best for both you and ourselves in the end result, whereby both parties can proudly say "this is one of our productions!".

No matter what step in the process here at Still Sound our team has worked on over a thousand projects from clients worldwide and are always searching for new endeavours.

Whether you are at any of the following stages;

  • Music Production / Songwriting Stage

  • Recording / Tracking Stage

    • Capturing the essence of the music and sound of your production in your preferred DAW.​

  • Mixing Stage

    • The Combining and adjusting of your tracks into a finalized stereo or multichannel format Audio File.​

  • Mastering Stage

    • Finalizing your mix for consumers.

  • Post-Release Stage

    • When the finalized product is either pitched to labels, publishers or marketed!​



Do not worry if u are unsure for now where we can help u, as u are always welcome to contact us to inquire or even visit to figure out what you require in your current progress!