HAL5 is a full-service audio recording company based in Amsterdam.  With facilities catered to all forms of audio recordings, including, but not limited to: bands, singer-songwriters, choirs, vocal recordings for rap/hip-hop artists, audiobooks, podcasts, guitar and bass re-amping.

With a studio philosophy to combine the golden age of analogue recording with the convenience and finesse of modern-day digital processing whilst not ruling out the possibilities of working exclusively in either domain when needed.

The studio took four years to construct and fine-tune acoustically and we have left no stone unturned in our pursuit of delivering an outstanding final product to every client.

Professional recording solutions for bands, instrumentalists, rappers, vocalists and more!

Authentic sounds and packages based on your needs.

Quality Mastering by Professional Engineers, both Analog, Digital or for Vinyl

Crystal clear sound for your podcast and listeners.