Tired of not getting the right sound for your production and mix? Then we are here for you!

Here at Still Sound, we ensure your production gets the best treatment it can get, with industry recognised standards of both software and hardware in the audio engineering field.

With decades of experience, we always strive to get the sound you want, to retain your creative integrity.

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As Mixing is a field where every project is different, we strictly handle every session we work on PAYMENT BY HOUR of work.

Clients are open to setting bundled pricings based on their wishes and needs, but will always be in consideration of Still Sound as a Service Provider.


Price Per Hour of Work

*Prices are Excluding Tax / VAT (21%)

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Service

With all our services we want to guarantee satisfaction, both from you our clients and ourselves in getting the best result when it comes to your project.

To do that we feel that it is of utmost importance to communicate what is expected before any session.

  • To deliver a professional customer Experience

  • This is to prevent miscommunication

  • To work as a team

  • Affirm who takes which tasks and responsibilities.

  • To be clear on both parties' expectations.

  • To be  as efficient as possible

What we Do
  • Vocal Tuning

    • Melodyne​

    • Antares

  • Quantization where needed

    • Manually edited​

  • Audio restoration where needed

    • iZotope RX

  • Communicate your creative needs and vision for your music production.

  • First version turnaround with one week of uploading your project.

What we Don't
  • We are not responsible in any form for the deliverance of files and how this affects the final quality of the project.

    • Ensure all files are properly named.​

    • Proper Communication

    • Ensure the audio quality sent to us as an organization is guaranteed of the highest possible quality.

  • We will formally decline projects if

    • we feel the quality is not up to the standard of what we stand for as an organization.

    • we feel there is someone who is a better fit for your project.