Audio Work Ethics & the Still Sound Experience pt1 - the introduction

Here at Still Sound we strongly believe that any collaboration or service request starts at first contact with the client.

As soon as there is an inquiry on behalf of u as a client. We want to first know who the person is behind the project and what their inspirations and interests are.

It might sound weird, but understanding a persons choices and background in life helps clear up their perception of what is required of the project.

What inspires u?
What do u listen to? Why is it u started this project?

All questions we prefer answered beforehand.

After establishing a fundamental on what the goals are and vision comes the part where we try to encapsulate what is required to finish the project.

Some might just need a basic mixdown, others it requires editing, and then others want the full package from start of songwriting to end product.

This varies per individual as everyone has their own workflow and what we never want to create when we are working together here at Still Sound is a sense of forcing the client/artist into a situation out of their control.

If you prefer singing in the dark that is fine. If you would rather be with a group of friends when working on your session that is fine 2. The base is that we want to ensure you feel comfortable while we work.

Especially if you are a singer we stress this out the most, because any form of tension in the body will translate into your creativity.

Next to creating a sense of hospitality and comfort we always want to ensure that all that is needed to start the project is available, before we schedule the official work day.

We never want to end with a situation where there is not a properly tuned/setup guitar for example if that is required for the recording.

Even simple things as ensuring everyones name is clearly communicated beforehand to everyone involved is of utmost important, for as every person is important and wants to be treated as an individual and respected. The fastest way to create this sense is by ensuring that we know who you are and your name.

Part 2 will be coming next week! Where we will discuss workflow in the studio and why communication is key in your productions.

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