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[GOTH ROCK] Port - Canals Album

It is always nice to hear that the artist was satisfied with the album, but it is even better news if they come back for their second album to be remastered here at Still Sound.

The great part about returning customers and clients is that you get a better feel for what they are expecting and need.

This ensures that the workload and time decreases over time when working on their music.

Hereby we would proudly represent Port's 2nd album Canals.

released June 26, 2019

"Canals" is one of those albums that makes my heart beat fast and hard for the Icelandic music scene. It is not easy to write about such works, because no words can give their essence. The music of the band PORT measured is the heart of the heart. It's worth having their puck on the shelf. (Marcin Kozicki, Stacja Islandia)

Produced by AV Haraldsson Co-Produced by Hannes Már Hávarðarsson

Drum tech - Thom Vreeken

All songs mixed by AV Haraldsson except "Flock of Bears" (Hannes Már Hávarðarsson) and "The Very Last Call" (Shplss)

Mastered by Martjin de Groot at Stillsound.

All songs written by AV Haraldsson except the remix of "The Very Last Call" (Shplss)

Main Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths by AV Haraldsson Backing Vocals, tambourine by Hannes Már Hávarðarsson Tambourine by Thom Vreeken Backing Vocals by Alexandra AV Drums by Þórir Hólm Jónsson

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