• Martijn de Groot

Recommendations! [MATH ROCK] Tide/Edit

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Math Rock is a style of Indie Rock that emerged in the late 80s, influenced at it's roots heavily by prog rock and indie.

The genre has soon developed to be more nuanced and broader when it comes to inspirations, ranging from trip hop, emo, jazz, RnB, Blues and even hardcore metal. Yet these influences have been adapted as a way to create more unique sounds.

A key element of the genre is the diverse changes in time signatures and rhythms.

Where as standard music would most often go for a time signature of 4/4, as in 4 beats per measure. Math rock is inclined to change rhythms during progressions & riffs and even changing it up mid progression.

Why listen

Fairly often during production of music it is easy to not notice all the tiny integrities that make the arrangement and the arrangement itself has a bigger impact on the sound than most listeners would realise.

This make Math Rock a great genre to learn in music to learn where we are looking for patterns in music.

The best bands that use odd time signatures, quite often don't even sound like they are playing outside a regular "4-to-the-floor" type rhythm.

Hence why we would like to recommend take a listen first to tide/edit without putting any counting along to the beat and then once again measure the length of the bars to see how easily we miss arrhythmic time signatures in a genre where it's all about odd time signatures!


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