• Martijn de Groot

Three7Nine - Times [Rnb/Soul]

So the last few months it has been quite the hectic month here at Still Sound EU, with a ridicilous amount of work that had to be released in quick succession.

Hence why it was so quiet, but we are still always hard at work and have even formed a new collective with the band Three7Nine where I will be releasing my own person RnB / soul / electronic music.

I proudly present you the first release of our collective/band "Three7Nine - Times"

A song about the endeavours and hardships in the bonds we create during life.

What starts as an acquaintance growing into friendships even lovers, but ending in strangers.

It's not a song about the sadness this causes, but the strength we find when we move on and grow more mature in life and await the next people we meet and encourage the people we had to let go in life.

https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/three7nine/times https://www.facebook.com/Three7Nine/



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