Music & Media Productions

Tired of not getting the right sound for your production or podcast? Need someone to get your music to a professionally competitive standard? Then we are here for you!

Whether it is PODCASTING, MUSIC PRODUCTION, RECORDING, MIXING or MASTERING here at STILL SOUND, we are there to help you!


From beginner to professional, we are here to help ARTISTS in their goals and endeavours in their artistic music careers!


As an organization, we believe that all our clients deserve proper guidance in every aspect of their productions. Not just during production, but also Pre- & Post-Release. 

Ensuring that you as our client never lose track of your own vision, and at the same time help you understand and believe in yourself

Always open for new ideas and new creations we are both hospitable in your creativity, to ensure that our clients reach their end goals.

A Great Production Starts,
With Great Writing!


Here at Still Sound, we are a team of Music and Media Professionals, with decades of experience and we can confidently state that we are capable to finish your projects for you!

  • Whether you need someone to ensure your PODCAST is recorded and produced as clearly as possible for your listeners.  

  • Your ROCK, METAL, INDIE, POP band needs to play live together in a Professional RECORDING STUDIO.

  • Just got the basics down of composing and writing music digitally, but require a team to MIXDOWN your music?

  • Your Hip Hop, Trap, DNB, Techno beat needs to be  MASTERED to stand out among the crowd of producers!

  • Your VOCAL PRODUCTION needs to sound large and at a standard competitive with today's music!

  • Or maybe you just require Coaching for your vocals or guidance in improving your mixdown.

We are here to help!

If you are still not sure about us then feel free to contact us!

You are always welcome for a TOUR and meet with our STAFF and STUDIOS!


Still Sound is a Music Production Company founded in 2013. Specialized in Vocal Production.

hal5 mini square.png

HAL5 Studio is a 2016 established Recording Studio, with professional state of the art equipment focused on bands, mixing and mastering.


KML is a Music Label founded in 2017. Specialized in both Modern and Old-School Hip Hop & Electronic Music

HAL5 is our main studio for all our clients focused on group podcasts and band recordings, with our vision of working as professional and efficient as possible!


Still Sound is our main HUB where we mainly focus on the production of small artists and podcasts to bring their music and podcast to the level it deserves!

Customer Experience

- Willem van der Krabben , Jett Rebel

"It is incredible with how much patience and precision Martijn can work in quick succession over multiple days!"