At Still Sound our Engineers have decades of combined experience and are specialized in guidance for any level of artist!


Our philosophy for making great records starts and ends with having fun. Our STRATEGY is to ensure that both u and we as a service provider ENJOY THE SESSION and leave LASTING IMPRESSIONS on each other.

To ensure that we meet both of our expectations, we will always work with PRECISION, a CLEAR VISION directly communicated with the artist before the start of the session.


Retain and capture the original INTEGRITY of your production, while being as EFFICIENT as possible and maximizing PERFORMANCE & CREATIVITY.

Traits of utmost importance to get the best result possible in any project.

BOOK NOW a session in either our state-of-the-art HAL5 - Band Recording Studio.


*Prices are Excluding Tax / VAT (21%)

**All Prices are Including Engineer

***All Bookings require a deposit of €50,-  to reserve

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Service

With all our services we want to guarantee satisfaction, both from you our clients and ourselves in getting the best result when it comes to your project.

To do that we feel that it is of utmost importance to communicate what is expected before any session.

  • To deliver a professional customer Experience

  • This is to prevent miscommunication

  • To work as a team

  • Affirm who takes which tasks and responsibilities.

  • To be clear on both parties' expectations.

  • To be  as efficient as possible

What we Do
  • Ensure that we capture your sound and help in improving your sound.

  • Clear communication and project management during the recording session.

  • Request and research before session based on given information from artist. (preproduction)

  • Ensure maximum efficiency

  • Deliver a balanced Demo of the recording day. (not a full mix down)

What we Don't
  • Final Recorded Master Files, will be withheld until full-payment has been fullfilled.

  • Mixdown and/or master the recorded masters, unless dedicated hours are booked off, or service requested separately from recording.

  • The level of performance of the artist recorded is in no way the responsibility of the studio and company, please make sure as an artist to be as prepared as possiblle to guarantee a professional performance for a professional final result.